I am a sewaholic

My next project – Burda style 117B Pants. I am hoping to make these up this weekend. Just downloaded the pattern and pre-washed my fabric – “Black Holy Cow” – a little viscose number from the local fabric shop. Going away for weekends is counter productive as far as sewing is concerned. You just can’t sew without a machine.


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My New Cook Books! Just purchased yesterday – can’t wait to try :)


Just purchased these yesterday – such a shame I am working as I won’t get a chance to even read them properly.
Its all part of my new plan ” To be Healthy ”
Ha, not sure how long it will last – but at least I will have these to serve as ambitious memories. And I will use these books. Twenty something son #2 not too keen on the PURPLE potatoes I produced at last nights meal. “But they are GOOD for you” I said. “And they taste just like potatoes!”
NOT IMPRESSED. They should look like potatoes if they are going to taste like them.
Huh!! What is wrong with the young these days.

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Frank the miniature sausage dog enjoying the sun

Frank the miniature sausage dog enjoying the sun

This is what Frank does all day. Enjoying the sunshine – yay that means that spring is nearly here.

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Bow shirt Version 2

Bow shirt Version 2

Version 2 of yesterdays shirt fully completed.Having completed my last project prior to attaching the bow I had a quick trip to the local fabric store – new fabrics in stock. oops big mistake – so I bought this gorgeous rayon viscose with one thing in mind – “another bow shirt”.
With a fabric name to peach cow pie how could one resist.
yay – another shirt completed.

Hmmm. what to make next?

I really must use some fabric from my stash.

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Bow shirt – almost completed

As shown on Burda website.

As shown on Burda website. You have to use a lot of your own skill to finish this as the instructions are poor.  However the result is satisfactory.  The fabric used is not the easiest to work with Рfine georgette and pony-tail chiffon. However I did finish it (almost) Рjust need to sew on the bow.

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